Roof Terrace Glass Balustrade Privacy Screen Enclosure – South London

Roof terrace glass balustrade privacy screen enclosure - South London. Using 13.5mm opaque glass panels

The Client Challenge and Project Breif:

Stefan Lubek contacted me back in April 2023, as he needed a glass balustrade privacy screen enclosure for his rooftop terrace area in Bermondsey, South London. The glass panels needed to be opaque and 1.7m high to meet building regulations. As with all privacy screen glass balustrades, they provide a protective barrier to prevent any falls from a certain height but also give you complete privacy from the surrounding area. Due to the height of the terrace area, I advised Stefan to opt for 13.5mm toughened laminated glass due to the strength of the glass, especially as the terrace area being over 5m from finished floor level. Another detail of the glass balustrade steelwork is the size of the posts and top rail. Due to the size of the glass, we have used a 48mm diameter tube for extra strength. As you can see from the end panel, we have installed a shaped panel. As all our work is bespoke, we’re able to have any glass panel made to a certain shape that you require.Visage glass and steel solution.

The Visage Glass & Steel Solution:

As you can see here at Visage glass and steel. We can offer our bespoke glass balustrade service by providing a brand new rooftop privacy glass balustrade similar to the one we installed in South London. We can also provide bespoke glass balustrades for your back garden, whether it is for your new tiled patio area or for your timber decking area.

Not only do we just supply and install glass balustrades, we also offer a bespoke glass balustrade staircase service. Whether you are looking for just glass infill panels or a complete staircase renovation from timber to glass. We provide our services all over Essex, London and the surrounding counties of the M25

Client Testimonial

I’m really happy with my new glass balustrade privacy enclosure. What I was impressed about Joe was his expertise and knowledge when advising the thickness of the glass panels. It’s good to know that my glass balustrade is extremely safe and secure. Couldn’t highly recommend Joe enough. 


Bermondsey, South London


April 2023


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