Stainless Steel Post and Rail Glass Balustrade – South Woodford

A stainless steel post and rail glass balustrade system completed for a customer in South Woodford. Using 10mm clear toughened glass

The Client Challenge and Project Breif:

I was contacted by Lubna Haider from South Woodford, London in March of 2023, who was looking for a glass balustrade to be supplied and installed on their new patio area and new extension built at the back of their house. They were also having a complete garden renovation done. So the glass balustrade was the final piece to their building project. You can see how a glass balustrade can really add style to the back garden. As Lubna informed me, Building control was involved and to get their house extension signed off and that the glass balustrade had to meet certain criterias. The final height had to be 1.1 meters from the finished floor to the top of the handrail and as the glass balustrade has a top rail/handrail the glass only had to be 10mm toughened glass. Building control also required a balustrade on either side of the steps. Lubna and her husband opted for glass panels down the steps. As you can see from the pictures, we had the glass panel shaped around the steps.

As with all porcelain tiled patios it can always be tricky installing glass balustrades to these, as you need to carefully drill the tiles to securely fix the upright posts that support the glass balustrade. As with all our bespoke glass balustrade installation projects, our first site visit is to install all the stainless steel posts and handrails then measure for the glass panels. Then once all the glass panels are manufactured we arrange a return site visit to install all the glass panels and leave with one happy customer.

The Visage Glass & Steel Solution:

At Visage glass and steel not only do we supply and install this design of glass balustrade which we call a post and rail glass balustrade system. This style of glass balustrade uses stainless steel upright posts and a top rail/handrail with 10mm clear toughened glass panels. 
We also supply and install a glass balustrade system called a free floating glass balustrade which is basically the same concept of the post and rail system but with no handrail and the glass panels finish level with the stainless steel post. The only difference is the thickness of the glass panels, with this glass balustrade system I always advise using 13.5mm toughened laminated glass panels. The reason for this is, due to there not being any handrail for extra support on the balustrade, the 13.5mm glass gives you extra strength in the glass panels.
Another popular glass balustrade system that we can supply and install, is the frameless glass balustrade system. If you’re after complete uninterrupted views through your glass balustrade then this is the design for you. But with this glass balustrade design it is a lot more expensive than the other services we provide due to the size and thickness of the glass panels which has to be at least 17.5mm toughened laminated.

Client Testimonial

We’re so happy with the outcome of our glass balustrade, it really does complete our house and garden renovation. What really impressed us with Joe was his professionalism and attention to detail during the installation of our glass balustrade. I can’t highly recommend Joe enough for the work that he did for us. Also we must say he was very competitive for his price to supply and install our glass balustrade. 


South Woodford, Essex


March 2023


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