Glass Balustrade in Rayleigh, Essex

Our client was looking for a glass balustrade to his new raised patio area that he had recently had installed.

The Client Challenge and Project Breif:

I was contacted by Ronayne from Rayleigh, Essex as he was looking for a glass balustrade to his new raised patio area that he had recently had installed. Due to the raised patio area being over a certain height, the glass balustrade needed to comply with building regulations in regards to the glass panels being a specific strength. they had to be 0.74 newtons. So we had to use 13.5mm toughened laminated glass panels. The glass balustrade system that was installed was an aluminum slotted post design with an anthracite colour finish. This glass balustrade system was installed onto coping stones, installing a glass balustrade onto coping stones like this is always tricky because you have to be careful not to break/crack the stones. The best way to prevent this is pilot hole first with a small drill bit, then go through with the bigger drill bit for your bolts. The reason Ronayne chose this type of glass balustrade was because he wasn’t too keen on the standard stainless steel glass balustrade with clamps. He wanted more glass and less metalwork  

The Visage Glass & Steel Solution:

Here at Visage glass and steel. We offer our bespoke glass balustrade service by providing a brand new bespoke glass balustrade to your balcony area. Whether it’s being fixed down onto tiles or timber decking. We also offer a variety of different glass balustrades systems to either your back garden or balcony/roof terrace area. Whether it’s a free floating aluminium glass balustrade like the one we supplied and installed in Rayleigh, Essex. Or a post and rail system glass balustrade to a frameless glass balustrade. Not only do we just supply and install glass balustrades, we also offer a bespoke glass balustrade staircase service. Whether you are looking for just glass infill panels or a complete staircase renovation from timber to glass. We provide our services all over Essex, London and the surrounding counties of the M25

Client Testimonial

We couldn’t be more than happy with our glass balustrade. We were after a glass balustrade with minimal steelwork and more glass, so this is why we opted for the aluminum slotted post design. Joe was very insightful when helping us with the design of our glass balustrade. Would highly recommend Visage glass and steel for all your glass balustrade projects


Rayleigh, Essex


November 2023


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